The garrigue is an ecosystem of its own from which we never cease to learn. A great amount of its plants fill it with perfumes year round and are used since the beginning of time for their numerous benefits. So stern and dry in appearance, it hides an amazing amount of aromatic and medicinal plants with hidden properties ready to be unveiled.

Discover these wild plants with multiple secrets, and allow yourself to be seduced by their magical scents, on your path to natural well being. 

The plants we use are grown naturally by us (organic certification in progress) on our land in the Minervois region, or are gathered in a responsible manner in the surrounding scrubland (garrigue).

Our products are 100% natural, without preservatives or dyes, and are packaged in recyclable packaging materials.

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The steam that extracts essential oil from the plants is cooled off at the end of the process and contains, on average, 0.03% of molecules of essential oil. That cooled off steam gives what is commonly known as hydrosol.

The hydrosol contains the authenticity of the properties of each plant, in a diluted version.

Our hydrosols are made from the distillation of our plants or wild plants, in our traditional copper distiller, with pure spring water from the Black Mountain.

You can use them as an air freshener, diffused in a nebulizer, or as a pillow spray.

100 ml - 6,90€

hydrolat de laurier noble

Bay Laurel

I bring self-confidence and self -respect...also anair sanitizer.


hydrolat de fenouil sauvage

Wild Fennel

I bring simple and spontaneous "joie de vivre".


hydrolat de romarin


I strengthen memory & the capacity to analyze.


hydrolat de buplèvre

Shrubby Hare's-Ear

I boost the power of healing from physical trauma, and I help the body against physical and mental fatigue. 


Spray pump




Wellness through scents...made only with wild plants or our naturally grown plants (organic certification in progress), harvested by hand and air dried.

Allow these subtle 100% natural scents to change your mood and your environment into a positivity and serenity filled moment. Our natural incense does not contain any glue or chemicals unlike most of the store bought ones. 

[Use with an incense burner, direct combustion on a saucer, or on charcoal tablets]


encens naturel confiance et calme

cade wood & bay laurel

to increase self-confidence & find peace, and as an air sanitizer.



encens naturel sagesse et purification

cade wood, olive leaf & sage

to find wisdom and calm, to purify a place, a room.



encens naturel senteurs de chez nous

cade wood, olive leaf, rosemary, bay laurel & lavender

to fill a room with all the magicalscents of the garrigue.



encens naturel simplement cade

cade wood

sanitizes, purifies, calms, repels insects and bad smells .




Made with wild flowers or our naturally grown flowers (organic certification in progress), pure spring water from the Black Mountain and our warm Occitan sunshine, following the method of Dr. Bach.

Our flower elixirs will strengthen your meditations and other energy healing moments thanks to the vibrational properties of each flower (hold in your hand, against you, or on the chakras being worked on).

10 ml - 9,90€

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Strawflower Flower

Wild Fennel Flower

Bay Laurel Flower

Common Mallow Flower

Olive Tree  Flower

Rosemary Flower

Wild Dandelion Flower

Shrubby Hare's - Ear Flower


Made with sunflower wax, essential oils (organic or from our naturally grown plants), with a beech wood wick...all hand poured into a recyclable glass container with a cork lid, for approximately 30 hours of enjoyment.

We chose to use sunflower wax because it's a vegan wax, made from the hydrogenation of the sunflower seed. Sunflowers are grown mainly in France and Europe and their carbon footprint is very low. This wax is 100% natural, without GMO, without pesticides or herbicides, eco-friendly, easily renewable and it doesn't produce any soot or toxins harmful to one's health or the environment. It is also a relatively slow melting wax that is easy to remove when cleaning the container to reuse it.

A simple and efficient way to change the ambiant mood.

100 ml - 18,95€

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Made with our hydrosols and our 100% natural or organic essential oils, our room sprays tell you the story of our terroir (our land, our climate, our sunshine and our wind).

They instantaneously change your mood and your environment into a peaceful moment of well being.

100 ml - 12,95€

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A carefully selected mix of natural or organic essential oils which has proven it's efficacy on different continents for over ten years, to repel mosquitoes, ticks and fleas.

Spray 100ml - 12,90€

natural insect repellent


The informations and advices provided come from reference data found in books, online publications, scientific studies..etc. They are listed as information only, or to offer ideas to start a thinking process: they must not be substituted to a medical diagnosis, consultation or treatment. Senteurs du Minervois or its representatives  cannot be held responsible for  any unintended use.