We grow our aromatic plants respecting the organic agricultural process (certified organic and organic certification in progress), improving biodiversity on each of our plot of land in order to respect the environment and nature. Each harvest is exclusively done by hand to respect the plant at the highest level during this delicate operation, which will guarantee the final quality of our products.

Ever since the beginning, we have chosen to go even further than the organic certification charter of commitment, by not using any treatments, in order to entirely respect the soil and its inhabitants.

We choose packaging that are recyclable and reusable in order to respect the environment and adhere to our ethics. All our ingredients are natural, without dyes or preservatives. Ingredients that we do not produce or harvest are certified organic.



Our distillations take place at the seasonal and vegetal peak, with constant steam and in our 150l copper distiller. Each distillation is a step that requires patience and humility to bring about the alchemy between plant, copper, pure spring water, fire, and the human being who is distilling.

We use a copper distiller, copper being known for centuries for its unequaled restitution of the aromas and perfumes of the plant, its warmth, its roundness and its subtleties, while extending in time the freshness of the extracted essential oils and hydrosols.

All our final products contain only strictly plant based ingredients, most of which come from our own production.



We are committed to the future thanks to our environmentally friendly methods of production, working on small plots of land, planting local plant varieties on our land to reduce the harvest of wild plants while keeping in mind good management of natural ressources, and while creating a new ecosystem.

Senteurs du Minervois defends biodiversity to create natural products made from an ethical and durable reasoned agriculture, combined with the practice of an authentic and mindful aromachology.

Nature gives us what is most beautiful and best for us: the scents and the colors of the plants make our senses and the biodiversity that we protect vibrate, and reinforce our values.



We mainly choose endemic plants as well as select others that can grow in our Mediterranean climate to add on to the wild plants we harvest in the surrounding scrubland.

Our land is located in the Minervois region, in the foothills of the Montagne Noire (Black Mountain), in prime locations which had been uncultivated for over 25 years before we started planting them. 

Growers, gatherers and creators, the alchemy of our scents borrows the benefits of nature to boost your well being, and invites you to reconnect with what is essential.




We are Jackie & Chris. In 2010 we created the first official lavender farm in South-Carolina, La Bastide des Lavandes, in the US.

In 2017, we settle in the Minervois region for a change of life in agreement with our ecological and environmental values. In 2019 , we buy our first plots of land near the village of La Livinière, and we start planting fine lavender plants. In 2020 and 2021, we continue to plant lavender and we add rosemary, bay laurel, citrus trees and sacred sage while growing our rosemary and lavender collections.  In 2021, after over 4 years of waiting, we finally acquire two more plots of land. Late 2021, our new line of natural wellness products is in place. In 2022 we start planting lavandin on one of our new plots of land,  we start the process of organic certification, we build a transformation lab for our natural products, we create a drying room for the plants and a distillation room for our distiller, and we continue to grow our projects. 

Living to the rhythm of the seasons and creating a line of natural well being products from our plants to help people feel good, is a passion that we love sharing with others.

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