It's at the foothills of the Black Mountain, in the heart of the Minervois region, in the village of La Livinière, that our natural wellness products are born.

They are created to naturally and durably boost your state of well-being, thanks to their aromachological properties (aromachology is the influence of scents on human behavior and examines the relationship between feelings and emotions), and to help you feel good.

The plants we use are grown by us naturally (organic certification in progress), on our land in the Minervois region, or are gathered in a responsible manner in the surrounding scrubland (garrigue).

Our products are 100% natural, without preservatives or dyes, and packaged in recyclable packaging materials.

Our line of products is composed of natural products Garrigue Side, & Lavender Side...





What our customers say...

Christel A.
"I love the senteurs d'ambiance . I spray them regularly in my house. I have finally found a natural "non agressive" room makes me happy ".
Sabeline B.
"Tested and approved : the insect repellent...perfect against mosquitoes...and the lavender essential oil from the Minervois...fabulous!"
Sandrine E.
"Chris & Jackie's products are a beautiful discovery, Their essential oil and their candles are so much better and authenticthan anything you can find in the stores. Looking forward to discovering their other products !"