It's at the foothills of the Black Mountain, in the village of La Livinière, not far from Carcassonne, that our natural products are born. They are handmade by us to naturally and durably improve your well being, thanks to their aromachological properties, and to help you feel good.

We produce them in small quantities per order and in all transparency.

We grow multiple varieties of aromatic plants respecting the organic agricultural process (organic certified & and organic certification in process) on our land in the Minervois region. We also harvest a few plants in the surrounding wild in a reasonable manner.

Our collection of more than 140 varieties of lavender and over 60 varieties of rosemary, as well as the diversity of aromatic plants that we grow, allow us to create original and high quality products with unique olfactive signatures and properties.

Discover our values here.

Our products are 100% natural, handmade, without preservatives or dyes, not tested on animals, eco-friendly, and packaged in recyclable and reusable packaging.

A majority of our natural products are available at, located 3 route Minervoise in Carcassonne.


When you smell an essential oil, a hydrosol or a plant, the little hair in your nose pick up the molecules of essential oil. They transfer up to the olfactory bulb (located behind the forehead), and then to the hypothalamus (a master gland) which sends a message to the pituitary gland, which sends a message to the adrenal gland and to the reproductive system. It also goes to the endocrine system which is connected to the immune system.
When the molecules of essential oil reach the olfactory bulb, they make neurons react along the way which are connected to the nervous system. This is what causes the effects such as calm, relaxation, excitement, happiness...etc. 
When you smell an essential oil, a hydrosol or a plant, the scent triggers a reaction in the emotional part of the brain (the limbic area) where all your emotions and your memories are stored.

This is how your emotions are awakened by those scents and how those scents influence your behavior and mood (aromachology).










Christel A.
"I love the senteurs d'ambiance . I spray them regularly in my house. I have finally found a natural "non agressive" room makes me happy ".
Sabeline B.
"Tested and approved : the insect repellent...perfect against mosquitoes...and the lavender essential oil from the Minervois...fabulous!"
Sandrine E.
"Chris & Jackie's products are a beautiful discovery, Their essential oil and their candles are so much better and authenticthan anything you can find in the stores. Looking forward to discovering their other products !"

Caroline H.

We are so happy to have these lavender products from the South of France in our home - hand made with a lot of attention and in harmony with nature.

Valérie P.

I love the sensation of well being that come with the scent of lavender ans that of the plants from our local brushland. Thank you "Senteur du Minervois" for these natural products that do good for the body and put your mind on vacation!

Steve T.

Well being products that are ethical and nicely presented. I love the fact that these producers work so closely to nature and that they have so much knowledge. I especially love the lavender products, but the entire line is marvelous. Also of great quality for the price. I highly recommend.

Marc E.

When you see the love these plants are grown with, when you know how dedicated Chris and Jackie are  to create those natural products, you just want to buy it all. We love it, thank you😍